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Watermelon and Feta-What Could be Betta!?

12 Aug

OK, OK… I know summer is coming to an end (sob, sob…) and I totally missed National Watermelon Day, and Mark Bittman shared his fabulous recipe in the beginning of July, but it’s never to late to enjoy watermelon and feta.

Some people might say ewww, but this mix is just delightful. Seriously. And it so easy. Just cut watermelon and add feta cheese. If you hate cutting watermelon, just buy some pre-cut in your local supermarket.

If you feel like being fancy, check out some super duper tips on how to carve your watermelon into a masterpiece.

Other things you can add to watermelon and feta to make it terrific are:



Chile powder


Ah, so refreshing!

As Seen in Magazines: Watermelon Knife

1 Jul

Nothing says summer like…Watermelon!

I love Watermelon. The color. The taste. The texture…yum!

I do not love cutting melons. I find it laborious  (please read this word with an English accent) and messy.  My solution was this melon cutter from Bed, Bath and Beyond. Cutting the melon is still a little bit difficult, after all you have to cut the top and bottom off so that it can lay flat on the counter. You get nice little wedges as well as a funky tube of melon. All in all a crowd pleaser.

Something new on the market that I am dying to try is the Kuhn Rikon watermelon knife.  I have no idea why it is so good, but  it was promoted in three magazine that I read:

Real Simple
Time Out New York
– and The Jewish Week‘s Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller special pullout section.


I just gotta find out what is so good about this knife. Although it looks really cute, the only thing that woud do it for me was it if you just touch the knife to the melon and then it magically breaks off into pieces.

A girl can dream can’t she?