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Ode to Regis

25 Nov

When I was a young lass,
cute as can be,
I often was sick,
so I watched TV.

When I tuned into Channel Seven,
That’s ABC,
I got to see Regis,
and I was filled with glee.

He was like an uncle,
who was sour and grumpy,
especially when compared to his co-hosts
so lucky.

But when I would hear tales
of stars and food,
I never found him
even a little bit rude.

But now at 9 a.m.
when I put on the box,
no more Reeg’,
Just Kelly the fox.

And so on Friday,
November 18, 2011
Regis Philbin’s TV career
went to heaven.

But we can be glad
because even though it is his eve.
We never know what he has
up his sleeve.