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Social Media Week: Part 1- Sharing your Pretty Home

6 Mar

Social Media Week was a few weeks ago in NYC and all over the world. I am finally coming down from my learning high and processing all the information I learned and applying it to my social media life.

Since then I have been “active” on pinterest and signed up for some apps that are really groovy and Jetson-esque.

But to start off my campaign of Social Media Week-inspired blog posts, I wanted to share
some lessons learned from the discussion titled “Digital Voyeurism: How Sharing Real Homes in Real Time is Changing the Way We Decorate.”

The discussion featured:
Bryan Batt (@Bryan_Batt), Salvator from Mad Men who also owns a design shop in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Jeanine Hays, (@AphroChic), Founder and Creative Director of AphroChic

From aphrochicshop.com.

Christiane Lemieux(@dwellstudio), Founder and Creative Director

The nuggets of wisdom that I took away:

-Forget the karate chopped pillows. Live in your space.

-Love where you live. Start with one thing you love and make your home yours.

-Batt: If it looks right to you than it is right

-Hays loves pinterest because you can check out step-by-step DIY projects

-Batt: Have fewer formal living spaces. Life is too long not to enjoy your dining room. Use it beyond Thanksgiving or Christmas.

From luxecrush.com/style/article/mad-mens-bryan-batt-goes-martha-with-his-latest-style-book

– Lemieux: Social media creates reverse inspiration. Magazines are being inspired by real people on pinterest, rather than the other way around.
-Buy from target. Mix high and low.

– Batt: In the 60’s, you had your room and it stayed that way. Now you can change it. You don’t have to feel constricted by formality.

-Hays: West Elm likes to see how people personalize their products. It is about how people live.

– Hays: I wasn’t seeing me reflected in the market, so I started Afro chic.

– Lemieux: When I design I always think of kids in a space.

-Batt: Details are so important and forget the dirt and clutter. We don’t want to see it.

-Afrochic: We don’t want to see your garbage can or your cluttered desk.

-Batt: Simple things make a difference.

– Lemieux: Move your furniture around.

– Hays: Showcase your collections.

– Lemieux: I like to show off art books.

-Batt: I like to have funny photos up.

-Pinterest helps you see patterns in your own aesthetic

-Don’t blog unless you use your own name.

-Find things that speak to you.

-If you’re creative just do it. Your don’t want to be on your deathbed with regrets.

-Hays: If you have unique voice it is your duty to speak out.

-Be inspired by anything theater, art, nature. Someone designed everything. Think about the world like that.

– Lemieux: I like to hit up my top 10 blogs and then go down the rabbit hole of the internet when I have time.

-You need a pretty picture for blogs

-You’ll never be upset with a flea market find

Happy day!