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When Life Hands you Thanksgiving Make…

24 Nov

…Thanksgiving Pie!

I’m an idea person. I come up with plenty. Sometimes implementing can be somewhat fishy, or turkey as the case may be. I’ve been watching The Chew and reading Thanksgiving recipes online and I was inspired to try something new. A sort of “dyslexic thanksgiving meal,” as one friend put it.

And so I created the Thanksgiving Pie.

Starts out with a layer of oatmeal mixed with brown sugar.
On top of that, canned pumpkin, mixed with pumpkin pie spice.
Sounds good so far…right???
But this is where it gets a little too weird…
Browned ground turkey with salt and pepper.
Homemade stuffing, i.e. sautéed carrots and celery with sage and rosemary, garlic, salt and pepper, with some toasted bread crumbs and chicken soup stock.
And on top of that, canned cranberry sauce topped with a little bit of brown sugar.

The bottom layers were quite excellent, but when the turkey meshed with my wierdo stuffing a big thumbs down. BOOOOO!

Even though this was not a total success, I still learned a lot. Maybe hold off on combining sweet and savory?  Maybe I just should not have had the stuffing? And maybe I’ll try this again?

Until next time, have a Happy Thanksgiving!