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Social Media Week: Part 1- Sharing your Pretty Home

6 Mar

Social Media Week was a few weeks ago in NYC and all over the world. I am finally coming down from my learning high and processing all the information I learned and applying it to my social media life.

Since then I have been “active” on pinterest and signed up for some apps that are really groovy and Jetson-esque.

But to start off my campaign of Social Media Week-inspired blog posts, I wanted to share
some lessons learned from the discussion titled “Digital Voyeurism: How Sharing Real Homes in Real Time is Changing the Way We Decorate.”

The discussion featured:
Bryan Batt (@Bryan_Batt), Salvator from Mad Men who also owns a design shop in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Jeanine Hays, (@AphroChic), Founder and Creative Director of AphroChic

From aphrochicshop.com.

Christiane Lemieux(@dwellstudio), Founder and Creative Director

The nuggets of wisdom that I took away:

-Forget the karate chopped pillows. Live in your space.

-Love where you live. Start with one thing you love and make your home yours.

-Batt: If it looks right to you than it is right

-Hays loves pinterest because you can check out step-by-step DIY projects

-Batt: Have fewer formal living spaces. Life is too long not to enjoy your dining room. Use it beyond Thanksgiving or Christmas.

From luxecrush.com/style/article/mad-mens-bryan-batt-goes-martha-with-his-latest-style-book

– Lemieux: Social media creates reverse inspiration. Magazines are being inspired by real people on pinterest, rather than the other way around.
-Buy from target. Mix high and low.

– Batt: In the 60’s, you had your room and it stayed that way. Now you can change it. You don’t have to feel constricted by formality.

-Hays: West Elm likes to see how people personalize their products. It is about how people live.

– Hays: I wasn’t seeing me reflected in the market, so I started Afro chic.

– Lemieux: When I design I always think of kids in a space.

-Batt: Details are so important and forget the dirt and clutter. We don’t want to see it.

-Afrochic: We don’t want to see your garbage can or your cluttered desk.

-Batt: Simple things make a difference.

– Lemieux: Move your furniture around.

– Hays: Showcase your collections.

– Lemieux: I like to show off art books.

-Batt: I like to have funny photos up.

-Pinterest helps you see patterns in your own aesthetic

-Don’t blog unless you use your own name.

-Find things that speak to you.

-If you’re creative just do it. Your don’t want to be on your deathbed with regrets.

-Hays: If you have unique voice it is your duty to speak out.

-Be inspired by anything theater, art, nature. Someone designed everything. Think about the world like that.

– Lemieux: I like to hit up my top 10 blogs and then go down the rabbit hole of the internet when I have time.

-You need a pretty picture for blogs

-You’ll never be upset with a flea market find

Happy day!


Don’t Cry over Spoiled Chicken

29 Jul

Don’t you just hate it when you go to the supermarket (Jubilee) and buy spoiled chicken? I know I do. I was so excited to try this salad recipe from Real Simple which feature chicken as the star protein, when low a behold I opened my chicken that I had just purchased and it smelt a little ammonia-ish. I googled “spoiled chicken ammonia” and of course the Internet said it might be spoiled. Being that I love my stomach and hate food poisoning, I decided to forgo the chicken. But I didn’t feel like going back out to the supermarket. It was super hot and already 9 o’clock. So what’s a girl to do? Alas, in my freezer was frozen hamburger patties from Fairway. I quickly ran them under hot water so they would thaw a little and stuck them on my grill pan, sprinkling salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder on top.

Crisis averted! But what do I eat with these?? It was carb-free Monday so I reverted back to the Real Simple recipe, except I made a few changes as I don’t eat milk and meat together and I did not have said chicken. So here it goes:

2 cups Spinach (I get pre- washed, that’s how lazy I am)

1 avocado

2 corn on the cobs

¼ red onion chopped

½ lime

2 hamburger patties

salt and pepper to taste

1.Cut corn off the cob and microwave for 60 seconds.

2. Plate spinach, avocado, onion and corn and lie hamburger on top of salad.

3. Season with salt and pepper.

4. Squeeze lime on top of salad.

I enjoy a “grapefruit spritzer” on the side. Just a mixture of grapefruit juice and lemon/lime seltzer.


Doesn’t this look like a vacation in a meal? Where’s the pool?


As Seen on TV: Swivel Store

22 Jul

A few weeks ago, unwilling to embrace the heat, I went into a TV watching marathon. Part of this marathon included commercials. Never really someone to buy some of these things that are seen on TV, I decided to give it a go, because it looked useful.

One of the items I purchased was the Swivel Store. As someone who lives in NYC, space is a rare commodity. While most suburban homes have some sort of pantry, I have a few shelves to store my food. I usually try to buy what I need, but alas I end up storing things so that I don’t have to always run out. And so I purchased a swiveling spice rack.

Before my pantry had little space to spare with things sometimes falling out the cabinet.

And here is the after…

I like it! It holds up to 20 spices. And I can use it for crafts! (That’s what the commercial says.) The only problem is that not all spices fit into the space. A lot of them did, but the ones that did not had to clumsily sit where they usually are.

The final review: Good! If space is limited this is a great buy for $19.99 (plus S+H). They are pretty sturdy and they hold my spices nicely. The swiveling is not too awkward. However, if you do decide to purchase it be aware to think about the size of your spices. After all size does matter!

To Grill…. Ruminations!

17 Jun

Happy Anniversary to me (and my husband of course!) In lieu of jewelry, a spa day or theater tickets, my ever-romantic husband got me the perfect present: A Le Creuset grill pan. Not only is it perfect because I told him I wanted it, but he also got it in the color that matches our Le Creuset stock pot and French oven.

I am a big fan of grilling. I love hot dogs. Love hamburgers. Love it all. However, living in New York City, outdoor grilling is nearly impossible as personal outdoor space is extremely limited and expensive. So alternatives must be found!

I’ve been making my burgers on a regular pan with a lot of oil. This makes yummy, juicy patties. But I know they could be even better and better for me.

Recently, I have been brave enough to whip out my George Foreman grill. While I love what the Foreman did for my wieners, making them blow up and become all juicy, I was less than thrilled with the results on my turkey and beef burgers. First of all the juices and fats came out of the burgers. While this is a healthier option, it is not pleasing to the eyes to see all the fat in an almost pancake-like blob. This de-juicing also lent itself to a drier protein. In addition, while Foremans used to be much harder to clean with the grill un-detachable from its electrical plate, my grill detaches but is still a pain to clean. The grill part is a little cumbersome, but more annoyingly I find that bits of fat, juice and oil find themselves in the most unlikely of places.

But my life is slowly changing. With the grill pan, I look forward to juicy burgers, scrumptious fishes and delightful veggies. The dogs will continue to be Foreman-ized.

Look forward to yummy recipes that will surprise entice and most of all make your lips smack!