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Watermelon and Feta-What Could be Betta!?

12 Aug

OK, OK… I know summer is coming to an end (sob, sob…) and I totally missed National Watermelon Day, and Mark Bittman shared his fabulous recipe in the beginning of July, but it’s never to late to enjoy watermelon and feta.

Some people might say ewww, but this mix is just delightful. Seriously. And it so easy. Just cut watermelon and add feta cheese. If you hate cutting watermelon, just buy some pre-cut in your local supermarket.

If you feel like being fancy, check out some super duper tips on how to carve your watermelon into a masterpiece.

Other things you can add to watermelon and feta to make it terrific are:



Chile powder


Ah, so refreshing!