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Eat the Chicken. Take the Broth.

4 Nov

I know Rosh Hashanah was a while ago but I must tell you about this amazing pomegranate chicken I made. It is from Susie Fishbein’s Kosher by Design, a great book with phenomenal ideas and very awkward commentary that I sometimes find myself copying (like when you try to describe wine with a hint of cherry in an oak barrel, but really it just tastes like wine.)

While the recipe was great, I had all of this wonderful chicken, pomegranate broth afterward that I just felt to guilty to throw out. Not only do I hate wasting food but stocks are some of the best ways to make soup or marinade meats.

So, after some thought, I saved the broth for about a week in a rubbermaid container and took out my Le Crueset dutch oven and went to my local butcher and asked for 1 lb. of brisket. They looked at me like I had 9 eyes and said how many people are you cooking for? I said 2 and they happily cut off a slab of beef. And so, I put the broth (after skimming the fat)  in the dutch oven with the brisket, let it come to a boil and simmered for 2-3 hours and VOILA a yummy flavorful slice of meat that was super easy to make and eat 🙂


To Grill…. Ruminations!

17 Jun

Happy Anniversary to me (and my husband of course!) In lieu of jewelry, a spa day or theater tickets, my ever-romantic husband got me the perfect present: A Le Creuset grill pan. Not only is it perfect because I told him I wanted it, but he also got it in the color that matches our Le Creuset stock pot and French oven.

I am a big fan of grilling. I love hot dogs. Love hamburgers. Love it all. However, living in New York City, outdoor grilling is nearly impossible as personal outdoor space is extremely limited and expensive. So alternatives must be found!

I’ve been making my burgers on a regular pan with a lot of oil. This makes yummy, juicy patties. But I know they could be even better and better for me.

Recently, I have been brave enough to whip out my George Foreman grill. While I love what the Foreman did for my wieners, making them blow up and become all juicy, I was less than thrilled with the results on my turkey and beef burgers. First of all the juices and fats came out of the burgers. While this is a healthier option, it is not pleasing to the eyes to see all the fat in an almost pancake-like blob. This de-juicing also lent itself to a drier protein. In addition, while Foremans used to be much harder to clean with the grill un-detachable from its electrical plate, my grill detaches but is still a pain to clean. The grill part is a little cumbersome, but more annoyingly I find that bits of fat, juice and oil find themselves in the most unlikely of places.

But my life is slowly changing. With the grill pan, I look forward to juicy burgers, scrumptious fishes and delightful veggies. The dogs will continue to be Foreman-ized.

Look forward to yummy recipes that will surprise entice and most of all make your lips smack!