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You won’t say Goodbye, but I’ll say Hello.

26 May

Yesterday at 4 pm marked the last episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show. What began in September 1986 was often my babysitter, my entertainment and my teacher. I know all of this sounds hokey, but I certainly grew up with Oprah. As someone who loves television, I was so proud to watch the final moments of Oprah and take part in this popular American experience.

I think Ms. Winfrey did something so powerful yesterday, that I can’t really bring myself to delete the DVR. What Oprah pulled off in her final show is almost biblical. When I say this I mean it is a text I can always come back to. If I’m feeling down in the dumps or need a bit on inspiration, I think her final show has the potential to be an enzyme for great thinking.

And so my quasi-great thinking begins today. Welcome to Vacuuming in Heels!

Growing up, I had plenty of negative connotations about housewives. Pretty much what I understood is that they eat bon-bons and watch Oprah. In the 1990’s when housewife became an outdated term and the verbiage “domestic engineer” was exalted along with “Take your Daughter to Work Day,” my grandmother, who had earned a Master’s degree at New York University in Merchandising, beamed as she was given a new title by her granddaughter. She never put her degree to work, but she did raise three sons in the process. My Grandma was a casualty of Vacuuming in Heels, never reaching her full individual potential because her father and husband had her earmarked for housewife-ry

Things have changed. Now, housewives are seen as glamorous, if not erratic creatures thanks to the Real Housewives of Bravo. Not really, but the world of domesticity has changed. Women are not the only ones staying home now. You don’t have to go to the A&P to do your shopping. And you don’t even have to vacuum, let a robot do it for you.

I’ve done that last one. I got a Roomba instead of a vacuum cleaner and unfortunately the brushes broke off and it took 45 minutes to do each room. I finally got my Miele, thanks to an even exchange at Bed, Bath and Beyond and I love it.

But the truth is I barely vacuum and I never wear heels. But when I got married almost two year ago, I shocked my family and myself when I truly took on and enjoyed the cooking, designing and TV watching that made me a housewife.

This blog is an exercise in providing entertainment and joy to readers, if there are any out there. With this blog, I hope to show the joy that can come out of being at home, wherever that may be!