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Social Media Week: Part 1- Sharing your Pretty Home

6 Mar

Social Media Week was a few weeks ago in NYC and all over the world. I am finally coming down from my learning high and processing all the information I learned and applying it to my social media life.

Since then I have been “active” on pinterest and signed up for some apps that are really groovy and Jetson-esque.

But to start off my campaign of Social Media Week-inspired blog posts, I wanted to share
some lessons learned from the discussion titled “Digital Voyeurism: How Sharing Real Homes in Real Time is Changing the Way We Decorate.”

The discussion featured:
Bryan Batt (@Bryan_Batt), Salvator from Mad Men who also owns a design shop in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Jeanine Hays, (@AphroChic), Founder and Creative Director of AphroChic


Christiane Lemieux(@dwellstudio), Founder and Creative Director

The nuggets of wisdom that I took away:

-Forget the karate chopped pillows. Live in your space.

-Love where you live. Start with one thing you love and make your home yours.

-Batt: If it looks right to you than it is right

-Hays loves pinterest because you can check out step-by-step DIY projects

-Batt: Have fewer formal living spaces. Life is too long not to enjoy your dining room. Use it beyond Thanksgiving or Christmas.


– Lemieux: Social media creates reverse inspiration. Magazines are being inspired by real people on pinterest, rather than the other way around.
-Buy from target. Mix high and low.

– Batt: In the 60’s, you had your room and it stayed that way. Now you can change it. You don’t have to feel constricted by formality.

-Hays: West Elm likes to see how people personalize their products. It is about how people live.

– Hays: I wasn’t seeing me reflected in the market, so I started Afro chic.

– Lemieux: When I design I always think of kids in a space.

-Batt: Details are so important and forget the dirt and clutter. We don’t want to see it.

-Afrochic: We don’t want to see your garbage can or your cluttered desk.

-Batt: Simple things make a difference.

– Lemieux: Move your furniture around.

– Hays: Showcase your collections.

– Lemieux: I like to show off art books.

-Batt: I like to have funny photos up.

-Pinterest helps you see patterns in your own aesthetic

-Don’t blog unless you use your own name.

-Find things that speak to you.

-If you’re creative just do it. Your don’t want to be on your deathbed with regrets.

-Hays: If you have unique voice it is your duty to speak out.

-Be inspired by anything theater, art, nature. Someone designed everything. Think about the world like that.

– Lemieux: I like to hit up my top 10 blogs and then go down the rabbit hole of the internet when I have time.

-You need a pretty picture for blogs

-You’ll never be upset with a flea market find

Happy day!


Eat the Chicken. Take the Broth.

4 Nov

I know Rosh Hashanah was a while ago but I must tell you about this amazing pomegranate chicken I made. It is from Susie Fishbein’s Kosher by Design, a great book with phenomenal ideas and very awkward commentary that I sometimes find myself copying (like when you try to describe wine with a hint of cherry in an oak barrel, but really it just tastes like wine.)

While the recipe was great, I had all of this wonderful chicken, pomegranate broth afterward that I just felt to guilty to throw out. Not only do I hate wasting food but stocks are some of the best ways to make soup or marinade meats.

So, after some thought, I saved the broth for about a week in a rubbermaid container and took out my Le Crueset dutch oven and went to my local butcher and asked for 1 lb. of brisket. They looked at me like I had 9 eyes and said how many people are you cooking for? I said 2 and they happily cut off a slab of beef. And so, I put the broth (after skimming the fat)  in the dutch oven with the brisket, let it come to a boil and simmered for 2-3 hours and VOILA a yummy flavorful slice of meat that was super easy to make and eat 🙂

New Year, New Commitment

10 Oct

It’s been a long time since I came around, been a long time but I’m back in town and this time I’ll keep blogging regularly….

OK, so I’m no Lady Gaga (though I have been confused for her recently), but I am back with a refound commitment to this blog. Not only that, but I went on a Parisian adventure with my husband and I would love to share some insights I had while there.

Forgetting Paris, we are also in the middle of the Jewish holiday season, which means I have been cooking up a storm, which means I have had little time to write, which means I have awesome insights into what worked for me that I would love to share them with you in future posts.

In the mean time, take this blog post in the spirit of Yom Kippur and let me say I am sorry for not updating this post. To my adoring fans (mainly my father and mother-in-law who might be the only people who read this) there will be more to come.

But if you have a chance, check out my Rosh HaShana cards at my Etsy store

Happy National Ice Cream Day!

17 Jul

On the third Sunday of every July we celebrate National Ice Cream Day!

In honor of this awesome holiday put into effect by President Ronald Reagan in 1984, here is a round up of some yummy ice-cream/icy desert related announcements that I thought were worth a mention:

The View– Yummy ice-cream from around the country!

Real Simple– Blogging about ice cream never sounded sweeter. Great ideas to add a little umph to your fave flavor.

The New York Times– Ice pops gone wild with Mark Bittman.


In addition, I am posting an article I wrote for Tablet Magazine last summer. It’s all about Chozen Ice Cream, a company that incorporates Jewish themes  in their very tasty deserts.

Ice Cream Goes Kosher, and More

Approximately 1.54 billion gallons of ice cream are produced in the Unites States annually, according to an International Dairy Foods Association spokesperson. “Every major brand you can think of has a kosher symbol on most (not all) of its products,” Rabbi Avrohom Gordimer, who oversees dairy product certification for OU Kosher, told me in an email. “A brief walk through the ice cream freezer aisle of any supermarket will testify to this.”

Now, kosher ice cream is getting a new face with Chozen, a Jewish sweets and holiday-inspired artisanal ice cream line that hit supermarket shelves this month with flavors like Matzoh Crunch, Coconut Macaroon, and Ronne’s Rugelach. (You’re probably thinking, didn’t I just see this today in that other daily Jewish magazine of life and culture? Yeah, well, Tablet Magazine tasted Chozen at its offices all the way back Monday afternoon. Just sayin’.)

Chozen is the brainchild of 62-year-old Ronne Fisher and her daughters, Isabelle, 34, and Meredith, 30. One evening in 2008, Ronne tells me, the family was doing a homemade mix-in of rugelach and vanilla, one of their typical culinary innovations. “We joked, ‘Wouldn’t it be delicious to just have ice cream with rugelach already in it?’” recalls Ronne. “‘Wouldn’t it be great to have sweet noodle pudding with ice cream, or potato pancakes with ice cream?’” (Let’s just stick with the rugelach for now!)

The company combines pastries from Green’s and other kosher bakeries in Brooklyn with ice cream produced at a kosher dairy in Ancramdale, New York, a small town near the Massachusetts border. Ronne Fisher drives a couple of hours to the dairy every other month. There she helps pour the delivered baked-goods into the churning vats of ice cream and labels the containers.

“I have never, let me say that again, never purchased processed desserts,” says Fisher. To determine which flavors Chozen would include, Ronne Fisher went to kosher markets and tasted hundreds of kinds of rugelach, babkas, macaroons, hamantaschens, and blintzes. “Invariably, I would taste something and then decide that I could make it better,” she says. The Fishers scoured kosher cookbooks for pastry ideas as well. “It’s not just about throwing a blintz or rugelach in vanilla ice cream,” says Fisher, “it’s about finding the essence of the rugelach.” Even if you don’t get a bite of rugelach in a given spoonful, for example, the ice cream itself should invoke that taste.

Fisher is at work refining Chocolate Babka and Apples and Honey ice creams, and is considering adding further new flavors down the road, including Chanukah Gilt, a milk-chocolate with edible gold sprinkles, and a halvah-flavored one.

For now, ice cream lovers in New York City who hunger for a taste of Passover can find Chozen at Garden of Eden, Pomegranate, and West Side Market. Come July 1, you can buy it online.

Margarita Korol



Go Nuts! Go Bananas! Go Ice Cream!

Red, White and Blue…Woohoo!

7 Jul

Nothing says summer like…the 4th of July!

Had such a great time with friends and family. Had a pre-fireworks extravaganza that included some grilling on both my Foreman and Grill pan.

I’ve never been a fan of gluttenous table setting, but as I get older any outlet for creativity is welcomed.

And so….

Note the partriotic color scheme. The picnic appeal. The polka dots! I definitely love being POP-y, but I didn’t want it to feel to Proud to be an American. Even though I have a sense of renewed patriotism thanks to the John Adams miniseries on HBO. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend. Abigail Adams puts us all to shame!